And He is the Best of the planners


First comes the ‘problems’.

We call them hardships.


But that is what Satan said,

Why me?

To this man created from clay!

Don’t fall for the whispers,

Of this firm enemy.

Then comes the worship;

No other way, out of this distress.

In a spiral I am lost;

What is the point of this?

I should now be out of it.

Then comes relief.

But now I crave to worship Him,

Now I feel being drawn back into to the worldly life,

Far away from Him.

I secretly wish for a hardship

that brings me closer to Him.

But the Prophet ﷺ Peace be upon him said, ask for well being.

Now that is all I seek;

The pleasure of my Lord

Forgiving and Generous.

And that is how my Lord brings me closer to Him.

Through a trial, through a hardship.

But Oh! I could not understand because of a whim.

Because of a desire, because of a whim.


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